DAUGAVPILS OPEN 2019 Baltic Cypher has passed - two incredible and cool days full of great atmosphere! We were almost 2000, one large and friendly family of dancers! Huge respect to all the teams and dancers, to every participant, who showed love to dance on the dancefloor! And of course respect to all our judges – 25 professionals from the Baltic States, Belarus, Russia, and other European countries. Our judges haven’t only judged, but also inspired our dancers, shared their experience and showed unreal showcases!  

Of course, the first day was long, computer programs were failing, but our stuff team was working as a mechanism. Thanks to everyone, who supported us and helped to make this day!  More than 500 solo dancers showed their skill and style, more than 80 teams performed with the incredible shows, which surprised the audience. The final award of the first day was at the middle of the night – champions were laughing and crying at the same time, because of the winning. It is incredibly cool, to find out, that your team is the best of the best, especially after such a long and hard day full of dance!

The second day was amazing thanks to all the teams. Your costumes, inspiring choreographies, light show – it was great! For the first time our judges were dancing in the cypher, each of them made an unforgettable performance.
We are grateful to everyone for this experience, atmosphere and emotions – you are cool!

We will work more and for sure will correct all the mistakes; we have new ideas how to make our event better! Our team will prepare new pleasant surprises and very soon we will let you know about the new concept of DAUGAVPILS OPEN 2020 “BALTIC CYPHER” – the 10th anniversary of the tournament!

Very soon all the videos and photos from the event will be available on our website! Follow the information, subscribe our Instagram and Facebook pages!